In the shadow of giants

Today I was going through the book Regarding the Land by Robert Glenn Ketchum ( I was fortunate enough to meet Robert at the NANPA Summit in Palm Springs and he was autographing his books. Looking at his career and work I sit completely dumbfounded and numb. There are some people who found their calling […]

Back to the farm

This morning I went back to the family farm for photography of the main houses that my grandfather and his brothers lived in. There are 3 brick houses standing proudly. After a few shots I made my way to the back acreage where there were some sheds. I found a few interesting things including a […]

Week under the weather

This week was a tough one for me, as I caught some nasty flu or cold from my trip to Michigan last week and my lower back continues to bother me. All in all it made for a very miserable week, coughing and on 8 hour Tylenol for the back pain. I’m not used to […]

Submission for NANPA Expressions

I selected and uploaded 10 images for the NANPA Expressions publication ( It is always difficult to select ones own work, as there are so many factors that manage to rumble through your head. I always feel that the images I like the most represent concepts that I am interested in, but do not always […]