PDN Expo – NY

My first time at the Expo and what an event! I signed up for 7 seminars and arrived ready to take it all in. In a nutshell, this show is packed with information, in fact it is too much to absorb. By the time it was all done I was braindead. I met up with […]

NANPA Member’s Showcase – I’m in!

From: NANPA To: Douglas Eng Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 11:27 AM Subject: NANPA 2008 Members Showcase – Tier 2 Selection Dear Douglas: Congratulations! Your image(s) entitled: Reverse Freeze (FrozenReverse.JPG) http://www.nanpa.org/img/photos/showcase/2008/00729271.jpg …. have been juried into Tier 2 for the 2008 NANPA Showcase.  Images in Tier 2 were among the top 100 of the competition […]

MFA – do I need this?

I am contemplating going back to school to earn a MFA degree in Photography. Now whether one needs this type of degree to succeed in the fine art photography world is out for debate. I’m sure there are arguments both for and against this credential. There are many people who are self-taught and self-motivated to […]