Photographers for Freedom starts up again

We are off and running again with another squadron, VP-16. Follow the action on my PFF blog. Photography wise, this is an excellent exercise to practice several things: working with people (families and small children), scheduling a shoot (harder than you think), working fast (oh those wonderful kids), dealing with whatever light there happens to […]

A most incredible photographer

Visit the website of Vincent Laforet and you will experience the most incredible imagery imaginable. Vincent is with the NY Times and as most of you already know, has won almost every conceivable award in photojournalism. I was blown away. Thanks Dany for the reference. You will probably recognize some of his classic images. The […]

A portfolio of life

As I try to cull through my 3 years of images for my best shots I reached a startling discovery that I really don’t have many significant shots. I have taken thousands of images from all over the world and it seems that I am coming up short. Basically my stuff sucks (for the most […]

Passion, choices, success

Today I had lunch with a co-worker and friend, Dany Flageole who is a motor sports photographer and webmaster/owner of Dany’s passion is racing, and he is devoted to this sport. His photography reflects that, and you can find him almost every weekend at the track, doing what he does best, capturing images of motor […]

Photographing fabrics

I guess photographers need to be flexible. My employer needed some large fabric samples photographed so that they can be used to display on products for viewing on the web. We had 54 samples that arrived in a big box and we had to provide hi-res images at a constant scale. The sample sizes ranges […]

Finding inspiration today

Each day I try to find some inspiration for my photography. Last night I listened to Nancy Rotenberg’s “Let Your Light Shine” DVDs that I purchased at the NANPA Summit. I love Nancy’s calm voice and gently encouragement. Although I have seen some of the material before at her NANPA Keynote and her workshop, I […]