Far above Cayuga’s waters…

Yes I graduated from Cornell in 1976 and getting back to campus is always somewhat of a rejuvenating journey back to the past. Our son’s girfriend’s brother is attending the engineering school so we made a trip over to visit with all of them. Cornell has a beautiful campus, and there were a lot of […]

Final days in Montréal

My official “day job” retirement date has been set to Sept 1, so I will be saying goodbye to all my friends in this wonderful city, and regretful for all the pictures I never got around to taking. Montréal is an optimum location for photography and I don’t think I took advantage of it. I’m […]

Lightroom Catalogs

The organization of my LR Catalogs has put me in a quandary. Too many questions, not many answers. Do I put everything in one catalog?, do I have one catalog for each year?, should a catalog contain images not on the physical drive that it is saved on?, what happens when my catalog gets corrupted?, […]

Lightroom resources

My adventure into Lightroom has begun. The web has so much to offer, and it it easy to get lost in what is available. From the Adobe site Lightroom product page you can go to the Design Center for a bunch of related links for tutorials and help. A good Lightroom forum can be found at […]

Lightroom 2.0 upgrade

Today I upgraded my Lightroom to 2.0 and re-confirmed my commitment to the software with my wallet. I promised myself to work through my internal resistance to change workflow, and now I am narrowing my excuses. Adobe is doing a great job of hyping the new release, and I am always a sucker for a good […]