Pro-bono: Our local Science Fair

    For the past three years we have been providing photography for our regional science fair. This involves individual project photos taken during the day of judging (about 280), and taking the award presentation photos during the ceremony the following evening. This is a big fund raiser for the fair, and usually nets around $1400. […]


  The TraPac container facility is located at the north-west end of the Dames Point bridge. I first saw this from the bridge as I was returning home from a shoot at Big Talbot. It is one of those times where something seems to appear from nowhere. The project was completed in about 18 months […]

A tour of South Florida

You would figure since I was born in FL that I would know this state like the back of my hand, especially as a photographer. Well, you know how the saying goes…something about green grass? After attending FotoFusion we headed south to Homestead FL, the city closest to the Everglades park entrance. We stayed in […]