The nature of Acadia

  There is something about Acadia National Park that draws you in. It isn’t the throngs of tourists crowding the roads and beaches, the screaming kids at the visitor’s center, the ravenous mosquitoes, or the rainy summer days (I do happen to really love crummy weather!). There is something that connects you to the rocky […]

Penobscot Narrows Bridge

My love affair with bridges comes with my background as a structural engineer. I just can’t resist a beautiful bridge. Heading north US1 on the way to Bucksport ME, this bridge suddenly appeared. There was no question about getting off the road. I got off at the observation point, then crossed the bridge to the north bank, […]

A transformative week in Maine

How would you define personal transformation? Fundamental change? Enlightenment? Increased understanding of self? A new direction? All of the above? Last week I attended a workshop at John Paul Caponigro’s studio in Cushing ME. It was a gathering of JP’s alumni group called Next Step. As the newest member in attendance I really didn’t know […]