Horrors…Pbase is down!

I went to update my Pbase galleries and found this nice message: I suddenly realized that this is a BIG deal not only for me but for thousands of other photographers who rely on Pbase for image storage. My original images are saved on multiple hard drives, but my entire sorted collection of lo-res images […]

My new 5D Mk II

Well I took the big plunge and ordered the Mk II. Everyone is raving about this camera and I cancelled my order back in October of last year due to the economy. I came to the conclusion that at some point I needed to print larger with quality. This was evident in the project for […]

Jacksonville 400 – the start

Freeman Patterson told his class that the best place to find images is right where you are. I’ve lived in Jacksonville all my life and you would think that I would pay a little more attention to the photo ops here in my backyard. When a friend visited me two weeks ago he asked me if I have […]