Face Mount Acrylic

I just examined the most amazing mount of one of my prints at Raven Image on Beach Blvd. This is a 24″x72″ image mounted to an aluminum backing and then face mounted to 1/2″ acrylic, then polished. The result is amazing. Cher Sailer and Tracy Jacobs at Raven are the best at what they do. […]

Ft. George Live Oaks

Yesterday the weather continued to cooperate with drizzly overcast skies so I headed back out to Ft George Island to visit some of my favorite live oak trees on Edgewood Drive near the Kingsley Plantation. The mosquitoes were out in full force and got to me through my clothes…geesh they must have been hungry. I […]

Power plants and wetlands

It’s interesting to me to see the coexistence of power plants and industrial facilities in natural places. The contrast of function and the effect that each has on the senses is both similar and dissimilar. Many industrial facilities end up being constructed in remote areas. In most cases the structures are large and the impact […]

Cloud Gazing

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon downtown, first meeting with a group from the organization Docomomo for a tour of the Police Headquaters and the former Daniels Building (both by William Morgan) and then heading out to the Springfield neighborhood to scope out some shots. It was incredibly hot and miserable (don’t we all […]

Southlight Gallery

I’m a member of a small group of visual artists who have taken up residence downtown in a deserted Gold’s Gym. We call ourselves the Southlight Gallery, and we enjoyed a “soft” opening at Jacksonville’s Art Walk last night. The space is incredible with 20 ft ceilings and plenty of space (over 4000 sf). The […]

Treaty Oak study

Most residents in Jacksonville are familiar with the Treaty Oak, a massive tree situated in a small park on the South bank.  It’s a wonderful tree and there are always people there enjoying the shade from the overhanging branches. Today I was trying to catch the Harvest Moon from the Acosta Bridge and the clouds […]

WordPress update

WordPress 2.8 was released a few months ago and I’ve been putting off updating my site. When things are working well, especially software programs, then why update? Recently a user reported that my Portfolio galleries were not displaying the individual images properly. I checked on the WordPress.org forums and started reading about these horror stories of hackers hijacking […]