White Oak Conservation Center – Arts and the Environment

45 miles north of Jacksonville, on border of Florida and Georgia along the St. Mary’s River, lay 7000 acres of pristine woodlands and fields. Housed on this compound is an amazing assortment of animals, studios, and a wildlife conservation center. This is White Oak, home to white rhinos, giraffes, okapis,¬†cheetahs, and the¬†Baryshnikov Dance Studio. I […]

We really need some rain

It’s been very dry this summer and our area of town (Mandarin) seems to be dodging the afternoon showers all week. I drove through a deluge coming home today but only a few drops fell in the neighborhood. I took a drive out to one of my favorite spots down the road to check out […]

Friendship Fountain flows again!

Jacksonville’s icon, Friendship Fountain is back in business after many years of “barely working”. The fountain opened in 1965 to much hoopla and I remember it being a very big deal when growing up. The fountain was always the gateway to our city, and we were all very proud of it. So when it came […]