Guana River WMA

Admittedly I haven’t spent much time at Guana and had never taken my bike onto the extensive trails to do any exploring. I made a reconnaissance trip to the north-west entrance to the park and did a small hike to take a look. Parking was very easy as the lot is designed to accommodate horse […]

Big Talbot Artist Residency

I’m enjoying a week at Big Talbot Island at the Milam House graciously provided by the North Florida Land Trust. This property is located on the only residential street on the island, a wayward attempt by the state to raise money by selling properties. Fortunately the idea was short lived before developers transformed this area […]

Osceola National Forest

  There are 3 National Forests in Florida, Osceola is one of them. I haven’t been here in several years so I was much overdue, especially in light of the forest project I’m working on. Getting here requires a 90 minute drive which mean’s Doug has to get up at 5 am, not an easy […]

Lenscratch Art + Science

  I am thrilled to be featured in the Lenscratch Art + Science series, curated by Linda Alterwitz. I met Linda at Mary Virginia Swanson’s Advanced Marketing workshop in 2014, and we touched base at PhotoNOLA in 2015. Here’s to the power of contacts and relationships. The project was formerly named The Forest re:Framed, in fact, […]

Southern Icons A-Z

S: Still Scene, Southern Swamp By Hastings Hensel Perhaps especially with this— a swamp in all its mossy stillness, caught in a photograph by Douglas Eng— the mind must impress some phrase, must make an order out of metaphor, for such is the way of reflection, and so: the world, it seems, is turned in on […]